The Latest Technology in Mattress Cleaning NYC

How long has it been since you cleaned your mattress? If you have been using it daily for the past 6 months you will be surprised to discover stains and yellowing on your mattress.

Not only that, you also have bed bug and dust mites that are a result of not having a regular cleaning schedule for your mattress.

The good news is, these problems can go away if you take care of your mattress properly.

At Spring St. Cleaning NYC, you get a professional company that can help remove all pests and stains from your beloved mattress.

We provide a 4 step process in cleaning your mattress which includes: Pre-vacuuming, shampoo, stain removal, and high-pressure steam extraction.

We also use the best professional upholstery cleaning machine which is the latest in technology.

Like coffee and cream, mattress and pillows go together. We can clean your pillows to go along with your mattress cleaning.

Pillows are always the closest thing to our bodies especially our nose and lungs. If they are left to be dirty all the time, you can develop a problem with allergens which can cause health problems in the long run.

For this reason, we recommend that for every mattress cleaning service, you should also include your pillows as well.

A study by the Mayo Clinic shows that there has been a 90% rise in bed bug infestations in America. Many of these occur in hotels, private homes, and college dorms.

To make matters worse, mattresses can contain other pests that can do harm to your health.

The common dust mite is known to live deep in the springs of mattresses.
They flourish in an area where people live because they eat the dead skin that comes off from our bodies.

Avail of our mattress and pillow cleaning services now for the complete removal of all kinds of harmful insects and allergens.

Don’t you miss sleeping like a baby when your mattress and pillows were still brand new? You will also get a stain and odor free mattress that is now free from sweat, dust, mites, viruses, and allergens.

Get peace of mind with our bonded and insured professionals. We can give you a quote which is the lowest in the market without any hidden fees and added charges.

You can be sure that we only use the latest technology and equipment for our mattress and pillow cleaning services.

We can get to your home or office the same day that you call, no need to wait long and set an appointment.

Our pillows and mattresses are two of the things that we use daily and they can have an effect on our health if we leave them uncared for.

Unlike our carpets that are on the floor, our pillows and mattresses are always close to our bodies and we spend a lot of time on them. Not taking proper care would turn them into a place where bad things can breed and stay.

We recommend that you stick to a regular cleaning schedule and choose the best service provider in NYC.

Go to our website or give us a call now to know more about our 20% discount on selected services.

Our friendly staff is always ready to take your call.

We guarantee your satisfaction on every service that we provide, we back that up with a free back job if ever you are not pleased with a particular service.

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